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BA Degree Graphic Design

BA Degree Graphic Design - 3 Year Level 7 QQI award


Course Description

The programme is a Level 7 ordinary degree programme, with both full-time and part-time scheduling options, delivering a series of modules over three years.


Starting Dates & Format

Course Duration:

3 Years

Mode of Study:

Part-time Day - In-Class Delivery

Part time Evening - In-Class Delivery

Full time - In-Class Delivery

Part-time scheduling options now enrolling for January 2022.
Full-time scheduling option now enrolling for September 2022.

Application guidelines can be found here.

Please see our Timetable & Fees page for start dates and fee information.


Course Content

Year 1

Year 1 will introduce you to a comprehensive range of skills and principles of design. Industry awareness underpins teaching, with realistic briefs mirroring real-world scenarios while allowing you to experiment with techniques and processes. This year will explore visual language and the landscape of communication design. The emphasis is on studio practice, testing techniques and investigating theory and how it links to practice. You will be encouraged to consider integrated approaches to design solutions and build reflective practice and strategies for future development.

Modules: Design Communication 1, Illustration, Image Making, Typography 1, Digital Applications 1, Professional Development and Contextual Studies 1 and StudioLAB 1

Year 2

In your second year, you will build upon this foundation by applying these skills and process across a range of different contexts. At this stage, you will work across a number of sub fields. Through research and enquiry, you will explore various approaches to solving specific design problems. By the end of your second year, you will have achieved a deeper knowledge and understanding of the core principles of graphic design, and you will have explored a range of modules that inform contemporary design practice. You will now be ready progress to a more innovative self-directed practice.

Modules: Design Communication 2: Branding and Digital Design, Digital Illustration, Digital Photography, Typography 2, Digital Applications 2, Professional Development and Contextual Studies 2 and StudioLAB 2

Year 3

In your final year, you will take on more personalised and industry-focused projects. At this stage, you will manage high level design research projects, and engage with your peers in a collaborative and professional manner.

By the end of Year 3 you will have shown initiative and autonomy through a range of original design solutions, and you will be ready to engage with industry in an independent and knowledgeable manner.

Modules: Design Communication 3: Major Design Project, Typography 3, Digital Applications 3, Professional Development and Contextual Studies 3 and StudioLAB 3.


Entry Requirements

Standard applicants (School leavers under 23yrs old) are required to have completed the Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) with five subjects, including English and Mathematics, at D3 Ordinary or better, or equivalent.

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio, or to sit an aptitude test. Applicants are also required to sit an interview with the Head of Department to confirm their suitability for the course.

Guidelines for portfolio preparation and submission are available for here.

Mature applicants are also very welcome to apply.

Mature applicants are required to submit a portfolio, or to sit an aptitude test, and are also required to sit an interview with the Head of Department to confirm their suitability for the course.

The Institute operates a comprehensive policy and procedure in relation to the Recognition of Prior Learning. This facilitates progression from other programmes of education, both internally within the Institute and externally from other Institutions, and on the basis of prior academic or experiential learning, or a combination of both.


All applications for this programme are made directly to the Institute via the online application system.

Advanced Entry

If you have previous education or experience in graphic design, you may wish to apply for Advanced Entry to this programme.

The Institute supports Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), and additional supporting documents are considered for this as part of the admissions process (available through Student Services).

All applicants presenting for Advanced Entry and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) must undertake an interview, with a member of the academic team, typically the Programme/Department Co-ordinator and/ Head of Department.



On successful completion, you will be awarded the QQI-accredited BA Degree in Graphic Design.

This award is a Level 7 qualification on Ireland's National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

QQI is Ireland's official state higher education awarding body.

Upon graduation, you will have the option to embark on a path of further study through one of the Level 8 programmes offered at a range of highly regarded educational institutions across the country and internationally.


Student Testimonials

Tatiana Macari BA Degree Graphic Design

If you are considering doing a course in Dublin Institute of Design, my advice is: do it, you will not regret it! Dublin Institute of Design provides you with the tools, however, it’s up to you to fully utilise them. I cannot thank my lecturers enough for the support (and sometimes the much needed criticism) provided over the years.

A special thank you to Danielle, who is a wonderful mentor, one with indispensable knowledge and who I will always turn to for advice. Her passion, sheer determination and belief in each student is indisputable.

These characteristics help to shape each student to reach beyond their potential and become a great designer, one who is equipped for the "real world”. My BA Degree in Graphic Design has opened many doors for me, and the future is looking very bright indeed. Thank you!

Tatiana Macari, BA Degree in Graphic Design 2018
Winner of IDI Graduate Award 2018

I really recommend this course. It covers what we need to be a good and unique graphic designer.

- Reyna Lopez

I really recommend this course. It covers what we need to be a good and unique graphic designer.

- Danny Romero

I am so impressed with Danielle s vast array of knowledge and her attention with each student. That takes a lot of energy and dedication. Isobel is fantastic, cares so much. Brian in the Library always so helpful. I am grateful for all my support as mature student. It has opened up many doors. Thank you.

- Mary O’Reilly

I really thoroughly enjoyed my 1st year at DID, the content was engaging, fun, creative and at times messy (loads of poster paint), in a relaxed and open environment which encourages self directed learning.

- Darren Dean Cronje

I’m very much enjoying the course and already know I will miss it in June. That’s down to peers and lecturers.

- Peter Mullen