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Certificate in Revit for Improvers

Course Description

In this course you will go beyond the basics of Revit. You will gain a better understanding of advanced tools and techniques, and increase your speed and efficiency when creating Revit models and producing drawing packages.

This course is running online due to public health measures.

If you have a basic working knowledge of Revit, and you want to improve their skill set, this course is highly recommended for you.

Start Date and Format

Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Course Type: Part Time Day (Fridays, 10:00 – 5:00pm)

Please see our Timetable & Fees page for more details.




On successful completion, you will be awarded a Dublin Institute of Design Certificate in Revit for Improvers.

Topics Covered

1. Creating Revit Project Templates

  • Creating custom starting templates based on the users requirements
  • Starting view
  • Customising annotation standards
  • Customising elevation/section tags
  • Preloading system families
  • Customising the project browser

2. Setting up Revit Models to ITM Coordinates

  • Project base point
  • Survey base point
  • Using CAD surveys to specify ITM coordinates
  • Linking models to site model and publishing coordinates

3. Phasing

  • Creating phases
  • Views and phases
  • Objects and phases
  • Phase filters
  • Phase mapping

4. Design Options

  • Design Options allows you to create and manage multiple designs within the same project.
    By using design options you can create multiple drawing packages from the same Revit model

5. Keynoting

  • Creating keynote files
  • Linking keynote files
  • Element keynotes
  • Material keynotes
  • User keynotes
  • Keynote schedule

6. Callouts/Detailing

  • Adding detail components and annotation
  • Grouping details
  • Exporting and importing details
  • 3D callout
  • Exploded axonometric views
  • 3D details

7. Grouping

  • Grouping components
  • Inserting groups
  • Replace groups
  • Editing groups

8. System Families Extras

  • Wall sweeps/reveals
  • Wall joins
  • Wall sweeps
  • Modifying sub elements of flat roofs
  • Using floors in place of ramps

As numbers are limited for this course, pre-booking is essential.

Student Testimonials

Great course! I learned a lot, would definitely recommend this course. The lecturer is very helpful and explains things well. The course helped me a lot – I’ll feel a lot more confident starting new Revit jobs!

- Daniel Kennedy

The tutor was excellent; he worked very hard to answer all our questions and make sure that we had a good grasp of Revit!

- Seamus O’Leary