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Advanced Entry

What is Advanced Entry?

At Dublin Institute of Design programmes are developed to maximize access, progress and transfer options to as wide an audience as possible. Advanced Entry is where an applicant has previous work experience and/or educational achievements that are considered directly relevant to the programme they wish to apply for. In such cases, it is possible to gain module exemptions and / or entry to an advanced stage of a programme.

Are Advanced Entry places available in all programmes?

Advanced Entry places are available in most Higher National Diploma and Degree programmes.

How do I make an Advanced Entry application?

Apply by completing the online advanced entry application form. Please return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is important to attach all relevant supporting documentation with your online application. This includes:

  • Transcripts of results
  • CV
  • Proof of English language proficiency (international applicants)

Suitable applicants will be invited for interview soon thereafter.

Are International Students eligible for Advanced Entry?

International Non-EU applicants who wish to be considered for Advanced Entry can also apply by completing the online advanced entry form.

Are late applications being accepted?

For the majority of programmes the answer is yes, subject to the availability of advanced entry places. Priority is given to applicants who meet the deadline for applications.

How are Advanced Entry applications evaluated?

Advanced entry applications are granted on the basis of availability of places in the relevant programme year. Once the applications are assessed you may or may not be invited to attend an interview with your portfolio of work. The interview panel will consist of relevant Programme Coordinator or Head of Department. You will be examined on the body of work that you present as well as general information regarding your interests in the selected field and relevant life experience.