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"APA Systems Ltd., is engaged in the design and development of Building Facade Systems. Our drawing office techniques use software including CAD.

The Dublin Institute of Design has successfully trained members of our technical staff in IT technology over the last decade. We are satisfied with the results of this training and the knowledge application of the students in our work place, especially in CAD software.

We will continue to engage the Dublin Institute of Design into the future for new student Training Exercises and refresh courses.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Dublin Institute for their professionalism, Quality and reliability." APA Systems Ltd

"Dublin Institute of Design has provided training for members of our staff with very satisfactory results. We would certainly recommend them to any organization whom are seeking training in the area of IT/CAD programmes." Irish Museum of Modern Art.

"In my position as Community Employment Project Manager with Enable Ireland, I have had the pleasure , over several years, of using Dublin Institute of Design to train many of our participants.

Dublin Institute of Design offers many suitable courses for our participants, in their roles as trainee sales and stock assistants.

As a training organisation they have always supplied the very best of tuition to all our participants who took these courses. The feedback has not only been positive in regard to the contents but also in relation to how the courses are conducted. If the funds were available to us, many would undertake advanced courses. Until they complete on CE, the participants are delighted to practice the skills they have gained from DID in our shops(both in window dressing and floor presentation).

The business relationship I have with DID is extremely professional. Always efficient and courteous. " Enable Ireland